Taking Giant Strides with the Marathon Fundraiser: Lights, Camera, Cure!

We’ve all heard of running for a cause, but have you ever considered dancing for charity? The idea seems novel but is backed by 12 years of success and hundreds of heartwarming stories. Back in 2012, the organization Lights Camera Cure initiated an innovative approach to fundraising with the inception of a Dance Marathon. Today, with more than $124,597.68 of donations, this charity initiative has grown from a small local event into a prominent fundraiser.

Genesis of the Idea – The Dance Marathon

The dance marathon was conceived as a unique way to engage the community, promote health and wellness, and most importantly – raise much-needed funds for specific charitable causes. The enthusiasm and pace of a marathon combined with the rhythm and joy of a dance-off is an unbeatable setting to unite the community.

While the word ‘marathon’ suggests a Herculean task to be accomplished, these dance events are nothing to be daunted by. They are inclusive, inviting participants of all ages and abilities to take part in a heart-pumping, energetic event in the name of giving and community.


Lights, Camera, Cure & the Power of Community

Since its inception in 2012, Lights Camera Cure has attracted and inspired individuals from all walks of life, proving that anyone can make a difference in their community. However, the organization is more than just the dance marathon. Its underlying goal is to shed light on the underlying problems affecting our society, turn the attention of audiences nationwide by means of the dance marathon, and then unite to offer a cure through fundraising — thus the name, Lights Camera Cure.

Success Defined by Numbers and Impact

The most potent testament to the success of this organization and the dance marathon is the number that stares back at us from the donation box: $124,597.68. This astonishing figure recorded between January 23, 2012, and January 27, 2024, showcases the power of a dedicated community when united for a good cause.

But the success of Lights, Camera, Cure is not solely defined by the money raised. It’s also defined by the positive impact it has left on the hundreds of volunteers who’ve offered their time, the numerous sponsors who’ve provided their support, and of course, those individuals who’ve benefited from the fundraising initiatives of the organization.

Beyond financial contributions, the organization has managed to ingrain a sense of purpose, unity, and humanity within the participants, volunteers, and larger community. It has turned dancing into a medium that transcends personal enjoyment and moves into the realm of social responsibility.

Join the Movement – Donate, Volunteer, Sponsor

As Lights Camera Cure continues its journey, embracing more causes and touching more lives, it opens its doors for all who are willing to contribute. There are various avenues through which one can join this movement – direct donations, volunteering for the event, sponsoring the event, or even participating in the silent auctions and raffles.

To donate means to directly contribute to the present cause. To volunteer means to donate one’s time and energy, ensuring the smooth functioning of the dance marathon. Sponsoring the event is another way to support the cause, providing financial or logistical backing. Participating in silent auctions and raffles not only adds a potential thrill of winning to the event but also funnels donations directly to the cause.

Contact and Stay Connected

At Lights, Camera, Cure, no contribution is considered small. It’s the spirit of giving and participating that’s celebrated. The organization is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization, providing official receipts for your generous contributions.

Join us on this rewarding journey by reaching out at . Let’s dance to the rhythm of togetherness and write inspiring stories of change — one dance step at a time!