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Executive Board Positions

Executive Director
Senior Director
Marketing & Communications
Senior Director
Operations & Alumni Relations
Senior Director
Dancer Relations & Auction

Director Positions

Alumni Relations
Dancer Relations
Event Operations
Food & Beverage
Hospital/Partner Relations
Executive Director

The Executive Director chairs the Executive Board and has overall responsibility for Lights Camera Cure, overseeing the organization's Executive Board and HDM Committee to ensure that all parties work together and complete tasks in a timely manner. The Executive Director will work closely with the Senior Directors to set overall goals and objectives for the organization, develop an annual budget and long-term financial plan, establish the HDM Committee structure, organize and manage the HDM Committee, set the planning timeline for the HDM and other events, formulate the overall marketing and PR plans for the organization and its events, and develop events and activities. The Executive Director will be an advocate for the organization in the local community and beyond and in the non-profit community, seeking to develop long-term relationships with individuals, corporations and foundations that can support the organization's mission. The Executive Director will oversee the Advisory Committee and will work with the Senior Directors to identify and select individuals for this committee. The Executive Director will also coordinate and oversee meetings of the Executive Board and the HDM Committee, and will follow up as needed to ensure that progress is being made toward goals in a timely manner, keeping a focus on the overall strategic goals and objectives. The Executive Director will have direct oversight of the Finance, Entertainment, Hospital Relations and Sponsorship Committees.
Senior Director - Marketing & Communications

Reports To: Executive Director

This position sits on the Executive Board and is responsible for providing senior direction and leadership in managing the Marketing, Communications, and Sponsorships/Strategic Partnerships committees, developing overall goals and strategies for marketing and PR for LCC and all events, developing corporate branding, overseeing implementation of these strategies, overseeing website design and updates, coordinating graphic design updates, managing video production and overseeing photography, overseeing communications and social media, developing Sponsorship and Strategic Partnership opportunities and building relationships in the community.
Senior Director - Operations & Alumni Relations

Reports To: Executive Director

This position sits on the Executive Board and is responsible for providing senior direction and leadership in managing the Event Operations Committee and the Alumni Relations Committee, overseeing all day-of-event operations at the Hollywood Dance Marathon, serving as point of contact with the venue, advising the Executive Committee on budgeting expenses for operations, leading the Alumni Outreach program, developing relationships with alumni group leaders, coordinating with other THON alumni groups and DMAIG.
Senior Director - Dancer Relations & Auction

Reports To: Executive Director

This position sits on the Executive Board and is responsible for providing senior direction and leadership in managing the Dancer Committee and the Auction/Raffle Committee, overseeing all Dancer relations and communications activities before, during and after the event, focusing on major Dancer outreach efforts and fundraising incentives, overseeing development of the Dancer Manual, overseeing Auction and Raffle solicitation and collection efforts, supervising silent auction/raffle on the day of the event.
Alumni Relations Director

Reports To: Senior Director - Operations & Alumni Outreach

The Alumni Relations Director is responsible for developing and managing alumni outreach programs to increase participation in the Hollywood Dance Marathon. This outreach is divided between Penn State alumni and alumni from other schools, particularly Big Ten schools, local Los Angeles schools and schools with dance marathon programs. The outreach should seek to identify key alumni leaders as point persons for communications and provide them with information and materials to assist them in recruiting Dancers from their groups. This Director will assist out-of-town alumni groups with information about coming to Los Angeles for the HDM and organize a social event the night before the HDM for out-of-town guests.
Auction/Raffle Director

Reports To: Senior Director - Dancer Relations & Silent Auction

Responsibilities include soliciting and collecting items for silent auction, raffle, online auctions and Dancer prizes including the HDM and other events, communicating ideas with the entire committee and assisting committee members in soliciting items, collecting and organizing items, keeping track of donor information, maintaining documents on all items (i.e. what it will be used for, if it is in our possession, etc.), creating bid sheets and pricing items, obtaining materials for presentation of items at the event, and managing the auction and raffle at the event.
Communications Director

Reports To: Senior Director - Marketing and Communications

Responsibilities include communications to LCC and HDM Dancers, donors and supporters including email and other forms of communication, maintaining contact database, creating newsletter content, sending period newsletters, researching and communicating with other non-profit and charity organizations especially pediatric cancer groups, coordinating messaging across platforms, sending Thank You emails and postcards after the HDM.
Dancer Relations Director

Reports To: Senior Director - Dancer Relations

Responsibilities include developing and managing all Dancer activities and communication prior to, during and after the Hollywood Dance Marathon, including managing the Dancer Committee, developing a communication plan for Dancers including a welcome message, periodic updates on LCC events and activities, fundraising tips and suggestions, This position will be responsible for developing/updating the Dancer Manual, supporting and encouraging Dancers to get friends and co-workers to sign up, assisting Dancers with managing their Fundraising page, developing and implementing fundraising incentives, managing Dancers on the day of event from check-in to check-out, developing a program of activities for Dancers during the event including a line-dance, making sure Dancers know where everything is at the event.
Entertainment Director

Reports To: Executive Director

Responsibilities include identifying and securing Entertainment (including Bands, DJs, Dance Groups and Guest Hosts) for the Hollywood Dance Marathon, communicating information about the event to Entertainment and/or their managers, coordinating PR/Social Media efforts between Entertainment and LCC, assisting with development of Entertainment schedule and talking points for hosts, managing and coordinating day of event activities with Entertainment including sound check, guest list, performance, VIP access, etc.
Event Operations Director

Reports To: Senior Director of Operations

Responsibilities include planning and managing all operations for the Hollywood Dance Marathon on the day of the event, including load in, set up of all areas, managing areas and volunteers throughout the day, coordinating as needed with Venue personnel and load out. The Event Director will work with the Senior Director prior to the event to develop a floor plan for the event, determine what materials and supplies are needed for the event, and make sure such materials and supplies are available. The Event Director should be very familiar with the layout of the venue, conduct one or more meetings/tours at the venue, and work with the Venue manager in advance of the event to make sure the Venue personnel know our schedule and what is needed from them. The Event Director will also work closely with the Volunteer Director to determine number of volunteers needed in each area and at what times. The areas of responsibility are: Check-in, Red Carpet, Silent Auction and Raffle, VIP, Dancer Green Room, Entertainment Green Room, Committee Room and Volunteer meeting room.
Finance Director

Reports To: Executive Director

Responsible for financial management and oversight of all areas of the organization and the event, including budgeting, monthly accounting, financial reports, maintaining and reconciling checking account, managing online payment systems, reviewing and approving expenditures, handling collections, maintaining financial records, and responding to questions from donors and supporters. General knowledge of QuickBooks is helpful
Food & Beverages Director

Reports To: Event Director

Responsibilities include soliciting and obtaining food and beverage donations for the HDM for Dancers, Committee, Volunteers, and the VIP area. Communicating needs to other Committee members to help with soliciting donations, providing solicitation materials (Donor/Sponsor Letter) for everyone’s use, taking the lead on contacting potential donors, organizing all donations, arranging for pick-up of items before and during the HDM, assisting with load in of items the day of the event ensuring items go to the proper location, coordinating set up of items, maintaining/re-stocking items throughout the event, and assisting with load out at the end of the event.
Hospital/Partner Relations Director

Reports To: Executive Director

Responsibilities include serving as liaison between LCC and our partner Hospitals and other Charitable Partners, communicating information to them about upcoming events and activities, providing updates on the HDM, providing information and materials to help them promote the HDM, coordinating Marketing & PR efforts, working with Partners to create events or activities for patients and families, arranging for committee members to visit the Hospitals, securing guest speakers from the Hospitals for the HDM, and serving as Host for Hospital guests the day of the event.
Marketing Director

Reports To: Senior Director - Marketing and Communications

Responsibilities include press and media outreach, writing press releases, formulating out-of-the-box marketing ideas to raise awareness of LCC and the HDM, marketing and promoting Dancer Registration, developing consistent branding and messaging to be used with 3rd party PR, social media, dancers and the public, working with the Event Publicist for the HDM, identifying potential celebrity participants and coordinating celebrity outreach, developing and implementing PR plans, assisting the Event Publicist with press & media for the Red Carpet, serve as press & media liaison the day of the event.
Mini-Events Director

Reports To: Senior Director - Operations

Responsibilities include managing new and/or existing mini-events prior to the Hollywood Dance Marathon to engage supporters, raise awareness of LCC and the HDM and raise additional funds throughout the year. The Mini-Events Director will work with the Executive Board to brainstorm new mini-events and to manage and promote existing events such as Songs for a Cure, Comedy for a Cure, and Hamburger Mary's Bingo. The Mini-Events Director may also work with the Dancer Relations Director to create social events and activities for registered Dancers.
Sponsorship/Strategic Partnership Director

Reports To: Executive Director and Senior Director - Marketing & Communications

Responsibilities include identifying and developing relationships with potential sponsors including major donors, corporations and other businesses and organizations, building on existing relationships with past sponsors, creating a Sponsorship Deck and other materials to introduce prospective sponsors to the organization, the HDM and the cause, working with sponsors to customize promotional opportunities, maintaining database of Sponsorship contacts, coordinating promotion of Sponsors with various LCC committees, and serving as host for Sponsors the day-of event.
Volunteers Director

Reports To: Senior Director of Operations

Responsibilities include recruiting, registering and managing day-of-event Volunteers at the Hollywood Dance Marathon, working with the Event Director to determine number of volunteers needed, the locations and times, identifying potential sources of volunteers, contacting these various sources, and recruiting Volunteers, updating the Volunteer Application form, reviewing applications, registering Volunteers, developing a detailed staffing plan, communicating relevant information to volunteers prior to the event, coordinating volunteer check in, and managing volunteers throughout the day from load in to load out.
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